Site management services is very consistent with their commercial and residential pricing. Although every project is different and unique, our pricing remains constant. Our prices are competitive and fair, and typically we are lower priced than our competitors. We are a very low overhead company , therefore we don’t have to build our costs into your costs, saving you a decent chunk of change.

Simply contact us and tell us your needs. The more specific you are, then you can get an exact price quote. If the project seems more involved, we would request a site survey ( there may be a small fee). We do not Upsell! Our quote is our price!

Commercial Pricing

Typically we price by each workstation unit, whether it is an install, breakdown or reconfiguration. Relocations would also be priced the same , but an hourly rate would be added for the relocation time.

In- home Service Pricing

There are two charges:

  1. a travel or trip charge, which is a flat rate depending on your location.
  2. an hourly labor charge , for the work to be performed. If we under-estimate the time to do the work it is on us! We only bill in hourly increments, so if the work is performed in 30 minutes it is still the hourly fee.